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Life can be pretty funny- although sometimes you have to dig deep to find the humour. Often, people don’t get it. Have you ever been asked “Why are men like that?” as if you should know the answer? Why does my family laugh if I injure myself? Why should a man never be trusted to shop for clothes on his own? From the dawn of civilization, we have pondered these mysteries: Could a being as uncomplicated as a husband have found the key? Nah, but he has fun trying…

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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Holdin' a mirror up

You see, this thing won't die! Damned stubborn blog has been told to expire repeatedly, and yet seems to cling to life...

Well, it's my prerogative to keep it going, and I have decided not to keep the DNR sign up anymore.

I want to put up a PLEASE RESUSCITATE sign.

And if you don't like it, nurse Ratchett, you can lump it.

Posted at 08:13 pm by SGDBlog

February 24, 2009   05:12 PM PST
I just googled banners and cut and pasted the first one that wasn't too horrendous...
February 23, 2009   05:54 AM PST
Good to see you, brought a little tear to my eye (unless that was when I stood on a piece of Lego while walking to the computer)
I suspect you may be right about the paranoids, but I'm gonna use reverse psychology- pretend to be hiding, and wave, and be prepared to meet my dooooom
February 23, 2009   12:33 AM PST
Hey Scott! I brought the resuscitation equipment and defibrillator machine - Iron Lung is in transit as I write this - so we are set to keep your blog at least in moderate health. :-)

Good to see yer alive and just in hiding like me. We got to keep safe from them Paranoids! I know they are after us - I just know it! DUCK!!

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