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Life can be pretty funny- although sometimes you have to dig deep to find the humour. Often, people don’t get it. Have you ever been asked “Why are men like that?” as if you should know the answer? Why does my family laugh if I injure myself? Why should a man never be trusted to shop for clothes on his own? From the dawn of civilization, we have pondered these mysteries: Could a being as uncomplicated as a husband have found the key? Nah, but he has fun trying…

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Monday, March 02, 2009
O, for a baseball bat and a dark alley

Multiple choice:


So I was at a party on Saturday night. A woman I've known for twenty years was there with her very tall, strong drunk boyfriend. She didn't want him to drive. He pulled her out of the car and beat her up, really badly, knocked her tooth out, covered her with bruises from head to toe. I tried to restrain him- but he's huge, and he beat me up- kicked me in the head and stuff. She would not go to a hospital, would not lay charges, and wouldn't tell her family. She has allowed him to stay on in their apartment, and he has convinced her that it is her fault. I'm devastated. What would you do?

  1. Tell your family
  2. Go to the police
  3. Keep quiet
  4. Forgive him
  5. Blame yourself
  6. Blame alcohol
  7. Hunt him down and kill him


Stupidly obvious.

I'm going to lay a charge today of assault (for what he did to me). I told her family. I will not, cannot, stand by and enable this abuse- one of the most violent things I have ever seen. I love my friend, and she needs to be away from him. I fear for her safety- she needs counselling, police, hospital. I may have lost a friend, but this is really one of those have-to-do-the-right-thing times.


Abuse against women and children is inexcusable. I'm a little afraid he may come after me, but it's worth it to know that he is exposed for what he is- a cowardly, brutal man with a psychotic streak who needs to be locked up, or at least very far from her.


I'm fine- a little bruised, but surprisingly uninjured. For her, the nightmare is just beginning. But she'll have the support of her family, who love her and will protect her.

*additional note: she has kicked him out, and left him. She's getting the help she needs from her family. She'll start the long process of recovery.



Posted at 07:26 am by SGDBlog

March 7, 2009   08:08 PM PST
ugh; how awful. Of course this topic is in the news here int he US b/c a pop star was beaten by her pop star bf - he was even arrested and charged for it - and YET she went back to him. Its a common thing to stick with the abuser; so glad your friend is trying to break the cycle.

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