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Life can be pretty funny- although sometimes you have to dig deep to find the humour. Often, people don’t get it. Have you ever been asked “Why are men like that?” as if you should know the answer? Why does my family laugh if I injure myself? Why should a man never be trusted to shop for clothes on his own? From the dawn of civilization, we have pondered these mysteries: Could a being as uncomplicated as a husband have found the key? Nah, but he has fun trying…

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Saturday, March 07, 2009
A Day Away from the Big Farm

So my parole officer (father-in-law) came to release me today for a trial-run of real life. I was at a loss- what do I do without my cell mates, the children?


In the end I went to explore the possibility of getting new glasses, or possibly contact lenses- as my current glasses didn't enjoy being kicked and dragged on the driveway last weekend. Apparently prescription eye-wear is not designed to connect with a woman-abuser's foot. Go figure. He did offer to replace them, but I said that all I was concerned about was the woman whom he had just beaten.


I have to wait three weeks to get new ones, but it'll be ok, the double-vision I experienced because of concussion has passed now, so my brain is undamaged. Yaaaaay!

Little blessings.


After that, I went and bought some cds, as I received payment for the book I helped write. I need happy music, I was thinking, as I walked into the music store. I came out with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the Rolling Stones, so there is not much happy there. Who cares. I can be depressed and listen to good music. I can't imagine being depressed and listening to happy music.


*I am thinking of moving this site- with that in mind, I have set up a blogger account. I haven't made the shift, yet, but I am getting frustrated with blogdrive- it is very restrictive if you want to add widgets and images.


Let me know what you think of it:

I did buy the children some bribes, er, toys, too, on the way from the bottle store, er, supermarket. Winner Dad.


All in all, a reasonably unterrible day.



Posted at 06:22 pm by SGDBlog

March 7, 2009   08:23 PM PST
You have to see Leonard Cohen! There's only one of him, and he is no spring chicken. I read a write-up that said he has some of the best soundsystems and accoustics for live events.
But if you prefer Michel Buble...
Glad you aren't an axe murderer, and that she still lives!
March 7, 2009   08:15 PM PST
Had a GREAT time last night with Janine. On another note, I saw an ad int eh paper that Leonard Cohen is touring - and is coming to Chicago sometime this summer, I think. I will not be attending as I find him too dour.

I think I prefer cheesy lounge singers crooning the tunes of yesteryear - as Neen! ;)

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