Entry: Clooney Schmooney Saturday, June 14, 2008

An update: So the refugee crisis (xenophobic attacks) seems a little more under control. Many have returned to work, some to their old houses. Still, there are thousands more living in tents in the middle of winter. Babies have been born in tents.


Part of what I have been doing as a volunteer was filling in around the control office: generally helping to take some of the pressure off the people trying to lobby government, the UN and any local NGOís. They are presenting legal letters of demand, and trying to force an active response. Itís been three weeks in Cape Town, and the response has been slow in coming. The various groups that should have stepped in to take control of a humanitarian crisis have been involved in a petty squabble amongst themselves.


This has created a situation which is likely to take a couple of months to resolve. The chairperson called me at home the other day. He has asked me to help out doing press statements, emailing of interested groups and handling communication. He offered to pay me, too, which has come as a great relief!


So on Monday I start as a full-time relief worker, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I donít know where it will lead in the long term, but my contract at the university finished on Friday, so I will be free for as long as it takes.


Having spent years wishing that I had been more involved in eradicating Apartheid, I now have the opportunity of being involved in destroying racism on a different level.


A couple of months ago, I asked God, as you do, to give me a job that I enjoy. Seeing as I was speaking to the God of the universe, I told Him that I really wanted to work for an NGO, but that I didnít have the usual cv to get in (Social work, political studies etc). But I reminded Him that I can write, so I would love to do that.


How amazing has that response been? At the time, there was no way I could have envisaged this, and indeed, while I was volunteering, I didnít ask for work. But He told the guy running the whole show to phone me (that is my take on it, anyway).


Which once again proves to me that He is able to do anything, and that He cares about our dysfunctional little personalities. Thanks, God. Iíll try not to mess it up!


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June 17, 2008   03:29 PM PDT
Yay Scott. My BIL the activist. I am so proud. They grow up so quickly. Ok I am going to SHUT up now 'cos sounding old.
June 16, 2008   07:52 AM PDT
It's awesome that you are going to do that. Just what this country needs. Many more people like you. Good for you
June 14, 2008   06:40 PM PDT
How very inspiring! Oh, and congratulations!

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