Entry: They Call Me Mellow Yellow Thursday, June 19, 2008

You think Robert De Niro prepares for his roles? Apparently I’ve spent 37 years preparing to take on the role of… Homer Simpson.


While I have a weakness for a cold beer OCCASIONALLY, and I do find myself doing that thousand-yard fridge stare of the terminally peckish, I have not got luminous yellow skin.


I have less hair than Homer, which proves that I am not trying to be him, unless you are one of those insane and deluded people who throw around the meaningless adage ‘less is more’. Er, no, less IS less.


My son is not a pint-sized anarchist, nor my daughter a pointy-headed dweeb. I admit that they can make our house appear like a re-enactment of the sacking of Constantinople, but they do eventually respond to threats.


Actually, although we are a Christian family, interestingly our family resembles more the Simpson clan than the Robo-Stepford family next door, the Flanders. We don’t do pointless copy-cat Christianity, which is rightfully mockable as being insincere and unbiblical. Maybe I’m overcompensating just because if I drop something on my toe, there’s a good chance I won’t say ‘Goodness!” or even ‘D’oh!!!’ but possibly something that even the Fox Producers would edit out of the script…


Amusingly, I think/choose to interpret it that way, I took a stupid ‘Which Simpson’s character are you?’ test on the net. Apparently, I’m Marge… Suuuure, because I always mutter sensible things, and have a towering confection of blue hair??


Love my dysfunctional family. Neen, representing my as-yet clueless children bought me a gift for Father’s Day. The Simpsons Movie on DVD. And she hates the Simpsons, which makes it all the more special.


Good kids- you can hereby continue to co-exist in my house with me.


June 25, 2008   08:40 AM PDT
Yes, I'm also a fan of the Big J.C., but I, too, forego "Hi-diddly-hoh!" for more, er, "colorful" language!

No Flanders-isms in my house!

Enjoy the DVD :)
June 20, 2008   04:49 PM PDT
And I always thought my Rob was Homer, who'd thunk you two could be twins. LOL ;)
June 20, 2008   01:40 AM PDT
You do know that I have my own neighbor Flanders here to deal with? I've blogged about her a few times - yes, she's a she. Just like Homer's neighbor Flanders except without the mustache and other guy parts.

I don't know which is more surprising. That you match up best with Marge or that you took the test in the first place?

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