Entry: 10 LIES THEY TELL AT MEALTIMES Thursday, February 26, 2009

  1. This is deeeeeelicious! You should make this EVERY day, Daddy.
  2. Mmmmm, this is better than the food at the restaurant.
  3. Yes, I do want more: I'm not full!
  4. I'm fuuuuull (the whining inflection is important, here).
  5. I've always hated pasta.
  6. Ooops! I 'dropped' those boiled potatoes on the floor. Twice.
  7. I didn't eat snacks just before supper. (Conceals orange chip crumbs).
  8. I'm tired/need the toilet/feeling sick
  9. That black bit looks like a dead fly, I'm not eating, ever again.
  10.  You cook muuuuch better than mommy, daddy (observe the mommy slump a little in her chair and vow never to cook again).



I've had a week so far of feeding them, and they are still more-or-less upright. They've had the occasional snack to distract them, and I'm using paper plates as much as possible to avoid doing too many dishes, but at least I haven't had to call in UNICEF to prance around in white jeeps with inappropriate sources of nutrition.


9 weeks to go until Neen/mommy comes back.

9 weeks!


*makes small calculation*: 9 x 7 days = 63, 63 x 4 people= 252.

252 x 3 meals= 756

756 pizzas@ R50.00 per Pizza= R37 800.00 (not including tips for delivery)- so call it an even R40 000.00

(40000 South African Rand(s) = 4064.01 US Dollar(s)
1 USD = 9.8425 ZAR
1 ZAR = 0.1016 USD)


That's a lot of money.

That's a lot of pizza.


Anyone offering to bake me something?



http://www.gocurrency.com provided the economic expertise; I just sat with a head full of mush after four figures.





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February 28, 2009   07:03 AM PST
Yay! My reader!
I did get pizza last night- Friday concession time, but I don't want that every day. It's amazing how quickly we get sick of eating junk food- I'm dying to cook a chicken a la king, or a shepherds pie or something.
I'll make more of an effort with cooking next week- I've been quite lazy- just making really easy food.
Still, the children like it.
February 28, 2009   05:35 AM PST
Which is pretty much what my per diem worked out to so if I just don't eat or do anything for the next 70 days, you'll be fine.

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